Saudi Opinion writer. I was published in Makkah Newspaper , Albilad Daily ,  Arab News , Saudi Gazette & Alsharq.
I use my pen to advocate gender equality, human rights, religious tolerance & peace!
Graduate, Master of International Relations.
Bachelor of Arts, English Literature.
Worked as a:
Technical writer
Business consultant
Segment manager
Project Manager
Program Manager
For more on my professional background please visit my linkedin page

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  1. Sultan says:

    Good luck ….it’s good to hear the voice in your head but not make noice out of it

  2. SiNoO .. says:

    Nice work Tamy .. keep the Momentum.

  3. BENJAMIN PENA says:

    Thanks also for replying. I admire your pofessional achievements.
    You are an inspiration. I hope to hear more from you soon.
    Thank you.

  4. Mohammad Al-Amri says:

    Correct if I am wrong , I thing there are some hidden motives in your thoughts.

    But you are the kind of a writer who forces me to read her words ,,,, !!!!

    Wish you the best.

  5. Very nice walaah, I’ll come back again and read very slowly ..
    go a head Tamador ..

  6. Hope to read more from you …in english, (unfortunately, as my arab must be as terrible as ur valencian! 😀 )… meanwhile I’m still waiting to see if my comments were accepted or not! can you liberate me from this dilemma? 😉

  7. I nominated you for the versatile blogger award. And you can check it out here:

  8. I wish u “All the very best of LUCK”…

  9. القاسي says:

    وحش تماضر بس ليش ما يكون لكم صوت في الجرائد ؟

  10. Can you check your email please

  11. Birkelbach says:

    I wish all the best. Everything needs time.

  12. Silke Jan says:

    Today protest-day of Saudi-Arabian-Women for the right to drive a car!

    So please, look at me – my foto here : I am a german, blond woman, mother of two boys, married for more than 20 years,

    and I am working as a professional bus driver!

    Because I like bus driving – I could work as a secretary, too – but I like bus driving…

    I am a good driver, sure, driving a big bus every day! Without having an accident for many years. (Driving License for more than 25 years now without accident or damage!)

    In my country it is normal, that women are working as a bus driver or other big cars. I know more women in my town, working as bus driver.

  13. Silke Jan says:

    أنا امرأة. أنا أم.
    أنا أعمل كسائق حافلة.
    لدي رخصة قيادة لمدة 25 عاما.
    لمدة 25 عاما وأنا ركوب دون حادث.

  14. Doh says:

    J’admire votre combativité, votre énergie et votre courage dans un pays ou les droits fondamentaux ne sont pas respectés quand il s’agit des femmes…

  15. carlotta says:

    You’ re so very brave!! I cannot do much for you from abroad (Germany), but feel to be supported at least morally, I admire your courage and hope so much you’ll be successful some day without being harmed..! I have 4 children, two girls (19, 4) and two boys (11, 9), my older daughter has her driving licence and she’d never accept any restrictions for being a woman. She’s taking her exams at school this year and wants to become a police woman. I hope you’ll succeed in your struggles for more personal freedom – we keep our fingers crossed for you!! Your boys will be part of the hope for your country, if more mothers are inspired as you there must be a chance to make changes…Good luck!!

  16. carlotta says:

    I’m an islamic scientist

  17. aswin says:

    hi i am aswin(age 21) from india, seen your support for women driving hats off to you,keep on going,now i started reading books written by arab womens, i am malala, three cups of tea, Reading Lolita In Tehran,Desert Flower,In the Name of Honor: A Memoir,Burned Alive,Slave: My True Story.

    All this books are in my wishlist to read,on reading the summery i can realise how brave your women’s are,keep on going,world is behind you. ( my fb link).

  18. zohaib says:

    hi I am from pakistan, I saw ur video it is very courageous.May Allah help u and u keep up the good work!!!!

  19. Fatima Hamdan says:

    Hi Tamador, i work in a Egyptian website as Head of Arab affairs Department and it will be on track very soon .i would like to contact you to discuss some issues if you don’t mind 🙂

    My email :

    hope to hear from you soon


  20. ibrahim says:

    كتابتك حلوة لكن رجاءا استعمال العبارات الفصحى للخطاب العالمي احلى (على الهامش صورة رأسين أو ثلاث مدعوشة داخل طنجرة)

  21. Samia Jaman says:

    Keep it up Tamador…! Because you have to prove as a human being you have the rights to drive and making your life by your likings…! So don’t be afraid to change the customs…!!! If you think you are on the right way, then don’t go behind…!!!

  22. Lawrence Tolentino says:

    Hi Tamador,

    I had a chance to work in the Kingdom years ago and have seen how the women sometime suffer for not being able to function normally in public due to restrictions.With a woman like you trying her best to change for the better as she sees fit , I salute for doing so. You have started the momentum and keep this going. The women of the world is behind you!

  23. Vincent Ignatious says:

    Go on … until the fruit ..

    yeah Saudi Arabia is on a big positive transition .. Lets not the Iron curtains hide your stimuli ..

  24. Dr Asif says:

    Asalam o Alykum,

    What’s the result recently held election in KSA?
    What would be women perspective & success in those elections?


  25. Mahmoud abdallah says:

    داائمه الابداع

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