In the Dilemma of Religion

Beside Racism, there is no denying that Religion is the most controversial topic in any given point of time. That is probably because mankind needs religion more than anything else in life for their life to make more sense than that of animals and other creatures. The question of existence, how it began, why do we exist, there must be a bigger purpose in life, who controls the universe, and how does it all end are all thoughts that start their formation in the human mind as early as five years of age and are usually laid to rest through religion. Unlike any other, thoughts about religion keep recurring in the human mind throughout his life only because to that naturally sophisticated human mind existence is a mystery that it cannot leave unsolved. Now there are those with narrow-mindedness, short-sightedness and perhaps low intellectual capacity who settle for whatever ways of life they inherit, religion being one of them. Those do not take the trouble to read, inquire or simply ask. They blindly and most likely contentedly follow. Apart from those, most people, as I like to think, understand their espoused religion and their questions do not come in doubtfulness as much as in eagerness to understand more and feed their hungry minds and souls. Nevertheless surprisingly the latest study about adherents shows that 16% of the entire world population is with no religion which is in percentage less than Christianity and Islam and more than Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism. Atheists or Nonreligious believe that there is no God and they are okay with not knowing where the universe came from and how it started. In their opinion, humanity is needed more than religion; “I believe that it is better to preach the gospel of “be good to your fellow man, and love each other as life itself,” than to preach the gospel of “believe in our religion or be damned.” For it is better to be good to each other and to build on what we all agree to be true, than to insist that we all think alike.” an atheist explains. However, this last statement does not contradict with the fact that a God exists, and in fact all religions in their fundamentals do preach the same message of promoting virtue and preventing vice. This added to the reality that spiritual laws have proven more successful in holding man back from wrongdoing when human laws have failed to prevent man from falling into evil and immorality. Why spiritual laws are more effectual is because not all mankind are high on conscientiousness without them as suggested by the Nonreligious who argue that man’s drive for morality comes from treating others the way he likes to be treated.

To come to the point, my view is that no matter what religion or no religion, we could all at least agree on the higher message of peace and good doing that they all share. That being said, I personally believe that by sending prophets and religions to mankind, God aimed to spread peace and brotherhood and definitely not war over religion names.

About Tamador Alyami

Saudi Columnist. I use my voice & pen to advocate equity, humanity, justice & peace!
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