The POTUS Visit

images (1)     As Barak Obama POTUS landed in Riyadh the capital of Saudi Arabia today the 28th of March 2014, an American reporter who is part of the American delegation started tweeting about the details of the visit and posting pictures throughout the day on twitter. The reporter _who’s follower count was tripled shortly after she started tweeting about the anticipated Obama visit_ was asked also on twitter if there are any Saudi reporters at the scene, which she confidently denied, thus explaining the upsurge that her account experienced. Interesting enough, most of her recent Saudi followers seemed eager to finally take a peek at the King’s mysterious desert retreat that is always heard of but never seen, as well the King’s pictures himself. In fact, the pictures that the reporter was posting seemed to be of more significance to them than whatever agenda the POTUS and King Abdullah were meeting to discuss. Some followers even openly thanked the reporter for finally giving them the chance to see what’s behind the walls with the maximum security. Talks, as per the reporter, handled several topics which human rights was not a part of. However, “POTUS will meet with a leading advocate against domestic violence at the hotel tomorrow” reporter tweeted. Pictures of King Abdullah nonetheless raised Saudis concerns about his health as they showed him to be wearing breathing tubes. The fact that we Saudis had to follow an American reporter as a source of news for this event that takes place in our home land says a lot. In all honesty, I have to say that it’s not the first time that Saudis read domestic news from foreign sources, yet more, exclusively. All the same, it is not the first time Saudis thank America for something as much as they hate to and definitely won’t be the last.

About Tamador Alyami

Saudi Columnist. I use my voice & pen to advocate equity, humanity, justice & peace!
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